Swiss Naturen

They’re fun, they’re for everyone, they are three new fantastic variants of Gustto! Introducing the tangy Zingy BBQ, the spicy Peppy Pepper and the well-rounded Hot & Spicy gourmet chicken sausages by Swiss Naturen, each eager to put an end to your anytime snacking needs whilst satiating your tastebuds to the fullest! Come, dig into these all-new delights!


  • Swiss Naturen Open, eat, repeat! To cook or not to cook Gustto is totally up to you, for these sausages are just as fun and tasty either way!
  • Swiss Naturen Made with the best quality chicken,these sausages have a protein value of almost 18%.
  • Swiss Naturen These light-weight packs, stored at ambient temperature, are excessively easy to carry while travelling, trekking, etc.
  • Swiss Naturen A delicious blend of sensational spices,herbs and premium chicken, the Gustto range makes for a wholesome and healthy option.
  • Swiss Naturen These delicious sausages are also very easy to store, as they do not require refrigeration. (Can be stored at ambient temperature).

As You Like It

Swiss Naturen Pack them in your little one's tiffin
Swiss Naturen Take them along when travelling
Swiss Naturen A must-have wholesome meal for trekkers
Swiss Naturen Perfect as party snacks
Swiss Naturen A heavenly high-protein option for those working out
Swiss Naturen Ideal for army personnel stationed at remote locations
Swiss Naturen